The manufacturing industry must develop in a sustainable manner.

A significant number of manufacturers achieve significant financial and environmental benefits from sustainable business practices. Sustainable manufacturing means producing goods through economically justified processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable production also improves the safety of workers, communities and and the quality of products.


We display concern for the environment. In the manufacturing industry, this is a complicated but extremely important issue. ZUPBADURA is constantly seeking and implementing solutions that reduce the amount of pollution generated.


The company guarantees its partners and customers special attention to occupational safety, adherence to ethical employment principles and respect for employee rights. It is necessary for everyone to follow rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. In addition, the company provides medical insurance and other benefits for the sake of employees’ health.


The highest quality of the equipment manufactured at ZUPBADURA is crucial to us, so we carry out each stage of production with care. We are confident that the customers receive a product that meets all their requirements, and that the machines made at ZUBADURA are safe to use and efficient in operation. Production quality is one of ZUPBADURA’s most important values.

European Union projects

Promoting sustainability is a priority for many EU programs. Take a look at the projects we have participated in.